Our registered Bible College is: Victory Word Bible College.

We are a satellite campus of Team Impact Christian University (One of the largest Christian Universities worldwide) and receive all of our study material through them.

Dr Bill Carney is the Dean and lecturer and Ps Hermien Carney is also a lecturer.

Below are the Study Programs we have available, the individual modules can be viewed in the catalogue at the bottom of this page:

  • Certificate in Ministry (This will be your starting point. See page 10 on the TICU pdf which modules need to be done)

  • Diploma in Ministry

  • Bachelor Degree (specialised fields)

  • Bachelor Degree in Ministry Honours

  • Master’s Degree (specialised fields)

  • Doctorate (specialised fields)

Please note that our Bible College is not SAQA accredited, but accredited by Theological Accreditation International (T.A.I.)

This is a home study course, but if you need a lecturer to explain any of the material, you are welcome to make an appointment.

The exams are written ‘open book’ and submitted to our office via email or hand delivered.

Please find below the link to Team Impact Christian University's website should you be interested in more information.

If you would like to study through our Bible College, please complete the below registration form and email it to churchcfc@telkomsa.net for any further queries and prices.



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